The Importance Of Insulation For Laminate Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your home warm, but it’s important to make sure that your floors are properly insulated. Otherwise, you’ll be losing heat through the floor and wasting energy.

There are a few different ways to insulate your floors for underfloor heating. One option is to use high density fibreboard. This material is placed over the subfloor and helps to prevent heat loss.

Choosing An Underlay For Your Laminate Underfloor Heating

Wooden floors are a great choice for underfloor heating as they provide good insulation and conduct heat well. High density fibreboard (HDF) is a type of wood that is especially good for underfloor heating as it has a high heat capacity and conducts heat evenly. When choosing an HDF floor, it is important to check the thickness as some types are too thin and will not provide enough insulation.

Maximum Temperatures For Laminate Underfloor Heating

Laminate flooring is a great option for underfloor heating as it is a very effective conductor of heat. However, it is important to note that laminate flooring can only withstand temperatures of up to 27-28 degrees Celsius. Any higher and the laminate may start to warp or discolor. When installing an underfloor heating system in a home with laminate flooring, it is important to consult with a professional to ensure that the system will not get too hot for the flooring.

Costs Of Heating Laminate Floors

Underfloor heating can be more expensive to install than other types of heating, such as radiators. However, there are a number of advantages to underfloor heating that may make it worth the extra cost.

Underfloor heating is more efficient than other types of heating. This means that it will save you money on your energy bills in the long run. Underfloor heating also provides a more even distribution of heat, which is better for your health.

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Why Choose Mittens Underfloor Heating London For Laminate Underfloor Heating Systems?

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wooden flooring, Mittens Underfloor Heating London has a wealth of experience in providing high quality underfloor heating systems. Our team of trusted traders are on hand to provide expert advice and guidance on choosing the right system for your needs, ensuring that you get the best possible results.

Mittens Underfloor Heating London offers a wide range of underfloor heating mats to suit all types of laminate flooring, from thin to thick. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, they are confident that they can provide a solution that will meet your requirements.

Our products are backed by a comprehensive warranty, so you can be sure that you’re making a wise investment when you choose Mittens Underfloor Heating London for your laminate underfloor heating needs.


Is it possible to have underfloor heating with laminate flooring?

Yes, it is possible to have underfloor heating with laminate flooring, but it is important to choose a high-quality flooring supplier who can provide a system that won’t warp the floors.

Why is underfloor heating compatible with laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that is made to look like wood, but it is actually a composite material. Underfloor heating is compatible with laminate flooring because the two materials have similar expansion and contraction rates. This means that the laminate flooring will not buckle or warp when exposed to heat.

Which underfloor heating is best for laminate flooring?

There are many types of underfloor heating, but laminate floors are best suited to electric radiant flooring. This type of underfloor heating uses electrical resistance to generate heat, which is then transferred to the floor surface. Radiant flooring is very efficient and can be used with a wide variety of flooring materials, including laminate.

Do you need underlay for laminate flooring with underfloor heating?

The answer is that it depends on the type of laminate flooring you have. If you have a wood laminate, then you will need to use an underlayment that is specifically designed for use with underfloor heating mats. Our Trusted Traders can advise you on which products are suitable.

If you have a laminate that is not made of wood, then you may not need an underlayment at all. However, it is always best to check with the manufacturer of your flooring to be sure. Some types of laminate may require a special type of underlayment in order to work properly with underfloor heating mats.

Can you put a heating pad under laminate flooring?

Yes. It’s important to use an appropriate underlay for laminate floors, as this will help to insulate the floor and protect it from damage.

Does heat damage laminate flooring?

Underfloor heating can be used with laminate flooring, provided that the flooring is suitable. Some types of wood flooring are not suitable for use with underfloor heating, so it’s important to check before installation. Tiles and vinyl are also suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Can furniture or rugs be placed on a heated laminate floor?

Yes, furniture and rugs can be placed on a heated laminate floor, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the furniture or rug is not too heavy. Second, make sure that the furniture or rug does not have any metal parts that could conduct heat and cause the floor to warp. Finally, check with a trusted trader or heating system installer to make sure that the flooring can handle the heat from the underfloor heating system.

Is vinyl or laminate better for underfloor heating?

Vinyl is a popular choice for underfloor heating because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. However, it is not as durable as some other options, and it can be difficult to repair if it is damaged.

Laminate flooring is more expensive than vinyl, but it is also more durable and easier to repair. It can also be installed over existing flooring, which makes it a good option for homeowners who want to upgrade their floors without having to start from scratch.

Does the laminate floor expand in winter?

As the temperature drops in winter, many homeowners worry that their laminate floors will start to expand as the heating goes on. However, with underfloor heating systems, this is not a concern. Underfloor heating gently and evenly heats the floor from below, so there is no risk of the laminate expanding or contracting.

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