Our bespoke underfloor heating services

At Mittens Underfloor Heating London, we offer a tailored approach to each and every project. Our team of specialists have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a complete solution that is customised to your individual needs. We can design, install, service and repair all types of underfloor heating systems for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you need help choosing the right system or require full installation and insulation, our experienced engineers are here to assist you every step of the way. Get in touch today for more information about our bespoke underfloor heating services.

Underfloor heating design

We create bespoke underfloor heating designs for our clients’ individual needs. Our experienced engineers and installers work with you to develop a project plan that meets your exact requirements. We can offer tailored advice on the most suitable type of underfloor heating system, as well as pipe layout, floor construction and insulation options. With our expertise and knowledge, you can be sure that your underfloor heating plans are created with precision and efficiency.

Residential Underfloor Heating Installation

Mittens Underfloor Heating London provide professional residential underfloor heating installation services throughout North West London. Our renewable energy sources are the perfect way to keep your home warm and comfortable, without relying on traditional radiators. We offer wet systems as well as electric systems, both of which can be installed with any type of floor covering or tiling you may have.

Our experienced technical support team will ensure that your UFH system is correctly installed and maintained to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum energy bills. All our work is guaranteed to provide a professional service and complete customer satisfaction. Contact us today for more information about our residential underfloor heating installation services in North West London.

Commercial Underfloor Heating Installation

At Mittens Underfloor Heating London, our experienced engineers offer a professional and reliable service for commercial underfloor heating installation. Our warm water systems are installed by fully trained engineers and all our engineers are Gas Safe registered. We can also provide a new boiler or upgrade an existing one if required. Our prices are affordable and we offer a free estimate before any work begins. Hot water underfloor heating is simple to install and offers high quality services with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from customers. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your commercial underfloor heating needs.

Underfloor heating insulation

Our experienced team of installers and engineers are experts in providing the highest quality underfloor heating installation, servicing and repairs. Our reliable heating systems can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re a self-builder or require commercial services. We provide an excellent service and free quote for all our customers on the floor type that best suits their needs. Many homeowners have trusted us to provide them with the perfect insulation solution for their property, giving them peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional services.

Underfloor Heating Servicing

At Mittens Underfloor Heating London, our professional underfloor heating installers & engineers provide a range of services for both residential and commercial customers. We offer servicing on water and electric underfloor heating systems, as well as insulation, pipe layout and floor construction. Our friendly team of experts can provide great advice and fast service, even at short notice. Contact us today to arrange an obligation-free quote. With the right installation, your home or business could save time and money while avoiding bulky radiators. Get in touch now to find out more about how we can help you with your underfloor heating needs.

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Underfloor heating repair

At Mittens Underfloor Heating London, we understand that a faulty underfloor heating system can be inconvenient and stressful. That’s why we offer a full range of repairs to ensure your underfloor heating is working as it should. Our experienced electricians, plumbers and engineers are equipped to deal with any size job, from small fixes to full supply and repair works. We will take the time to assess your problem and provide you with an effective solution in the shortest possible time. With our professional underfloor heating repair services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home or business will be warm again in no time!

Additional ufh services

We offer a wide range of additional services to ensure your underfloor heating system works efficiently. Our team can provide floor construction, pipe layout and installation for both water and electric systems. We also provide insulation, servicing and repair to keep your system running smoothly. With our expertise and commitment to client satisfaction, you can be sure that your underfloor heating will be installed properly.

Floor construction for underfloor heating

We are experienced in constructing a strong and reliable floor structure to support your underfloor heating system. Our installers have the skills and knowledge necessary to build a sturdy foundation that will last for many years. We take into consideration the load-bearing capabilities of the flooring material and the type of heating system you require. To ensure your installation is safe and secure, we adhere to strict building regulations. Our team can construct a variety of floors suitable for different types of underfloor heating systems. Contact us today to find out more about our floor construction services.

Pipe Construction for Underfloor Heating

Mittens Underfloor Heating London provide a comprehensive pipe construction service for underfloor heating systems. Our experienced engineers construct robust and reliable pipes that can withstand the pressure of your underfloor heating system. We also offer a full design and installation service to ensure that your pipes are laid correctly and fit within the necessary parameters of your underfloor heating system. Whether you need new pipes constructed or existing ones replaced, our expert team will provide an efficient and professional service.

Pipe Layout for Underfloor Heating

Our expert engineers and installers have the experience and expertise to ensure your underfloor heating system is installed efficiently. We understand that an efficient pipe layout for underfloor heating systems is essential to achieving consistent heat distribution. That’s why we take the time to plan a precise pipe layout that will provide you with an even and comfortable temperature throughout your home or commercial space. With years of experience in this field, you can trust us to deliver the perfect solution for your needs.

Underfloor Heating Services

  • Underfloor Heating Repair
  • Underfloor Heating Installers & Engineers
  • Underfloor Heating Servicing
  • Underfloor Heating Insulation
  • Underfloor Heating Installation
  • Underfloor Heating Design

Our underfloor heating installation process

Our team of experienced installers take great care in ensuring that each project is completed to the highest standard. Our approach includes careful site preparation, precise pipe and floor construction, and thorough testing. We ensure that all work is done with attention to detail and full consideration for your individual requirements. To guarantee quality results we use only the best materials available, making sure that your underfloor heating system will provide years of reliable service.

Site preparation work

We believe in thorough inspections and preparations to ensure a successful installation. We understand that every home or business has its own unique needs, so our professional team will take the time to inspect your property for any potential obstacles before beginning the installation process. Our skilled engineers have years of experience in assessing any structural issues and providing practical solutions to make sure you get the most out of your underfloor heating system.


Our experienced installers and engineers ensure your underfloor heating system works effectively. We provide a bespoke installation service that takes into account the type of floor construction, pipe layout, insulation requirements and other specific needs for each property. Our highly qualified team can design, install and repair water or electric underfloor heating systems in residential or commercial premises.

After Care

We provide a full after care service to ensure your system is working at its best. We will inspect and maintain your underfloor heating system regularly, so you can be confident that it will continue to run efficiently. Our team of experienced engineers are available 24/7 to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding the maintenance and upkeep of your system. With our comprehensive after care service, you can rest assured that your underfloor heating system is in safe hands.

How much does underfloor heating cost to install?

At Mittens Underfloor Heating London, we provide a range of cost-effective solutions that are tailored to fit your budget. Whether you need water or electric underfloor heating installation, insulation, repair or servicing – we will find the right solution for you. Our experienced installers and engineers use only the highest quality materials to ensure your system is reliable and efficient. Contact us today for an estimate on your project.

Why choose us to be your underfloor heating installer?

We have the perfect team of highly qualified installers who are committed to providing a bespoke installation service. We provide reliable and efficient underfloor heating systems that guarantee client satisfaction. With our expertise and knowledge, you can rest assured that you’re making the right choice for you when selecting us as your underfloor heating installer.

Highly qualified installers

Our installers have years of experience and an extensive knowledge of underfloor heating systems. Our engineers are all certified professionals who understand the complexities of installation and the importance of efficient, reliable heating systems. We make sure that every job is done to the highest standards, ensuring complete client satisfaction with a long-lasting underfloor heating system.

Bespoke Installation Service

Mittens Underfloor Heating London offer a bespoke installation service tailored to your individual needs. Our experienced installers are highly qualified and will ensure the job is done properly and safely. We can work with you to create an underfloor heating system that meets all your requirements, from residential to commercial. We guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind when it comes to our services.

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Reliable heating systems

We offer high-quality, reliable underfloor heating systems that you can depend on for years to come. We source the best materials and components available in order to ensure your system is as energy efficient and cost effective as possible. Our experienced engineers and installers will work closely with you to design a customised solution that fits your needs perfectly. All of our products come with a manufacturer’s guarantee, giving you added peace of mind. Whether it’s water or electric based underfloor heating, we can provide a comprehensive solution tailored specifically to your requirements.

Client satisfaction

Here at Mittens Underfloor Heating London, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our highly qualified installers provide a reliable and efficient service to ensure that all of our clients are happy with their underfloor heating system. We provide bespoke installation services tailored to meet your individual needs, as well as comprehensive aftercare to ensure you get the best out of your system for years to come. Our team are dedicated to ensuring complete client satisfaction from start to finish, so why not contact us today and let us help you find the perfect underfloor heating solution?

Want help finding the right underfloor heating solution?

Mittens Underfloor Heating London offers expert advice on selecting the perfect system for your home or business. Our team of highly qualified installers and engineers can provide you with a bespoke installation service, reliable heating systems and excellent customer satisfaction. With years of experience in residential and commercial installations, we can ensure that you get the best underfloor heating solution to suit your needs. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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